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aeronauts: the first to fly
Just days after the first manned ascent in a Montgolfier hot-air balloon, Jacques Charles and the Robert brothers were ready for the first manned ascent of a hydrogen balloon.
This took place in the Tuileries Gardens in Paris on December 1st 1783, and was witnessed by an estimated 400,000 people, including Benjamin Franklin.
Before ascending, Charles used a small bright green pilot balloon to show the direction and strength of a wind. The balloon was released by Joseph Montgolfier, who was present in the crowd, at Charles’ request.
At 1:45pm, the balloon, with Charles and Marie-Noel Robert on board, began to rise - to cheering shouts from the crowds - “hats were raised and even the Swiss mercenaries took part in the general celebration by throwing their sabres into the air. Never has science produced such a majestic and imposing display..”
At one point Franklin was asked what use these recent aerial experiments served, to which he replied “Well! what is the point of the child who has just been born?”
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